About Us


The people we've gathered here at Pro Touch Painting & Remodeling of Hudson and Bergan Counties aren't just a bunch of painters and remodelers looking to finish the job and move on. Rather, we have assembled a group of individuals capable of taking the industry to the next level.  Everything we do as painters and renovators is done with a passion in our work, however turning dreams into reality is an entirely different story. This is exactly what we are offering you, and we guarantee that once you put your trust in us, we will not only never let you down, but we will exceed your expectations no matter what you throw at us. But this is not the end of the story.

You must also be able to follow through on your promises. You must be able to demonstrate to your clients that your words are not hollow. This is something we understood from the beginning, and it is the reason we are now regarded as one of the best in town and throughout the state. All of this is before we even get into our unrivaled customer service. We understand that putting the client first is critical if one is to be successful, and we assure you that we are willing to go to any length for you. Now, enough about us; why don't you take a look at our website, and once you're satisfied, we'd love the opportunity to serve you by hopping on a call to make your needs and dreams a reality!