Interior Renovations

As we are sure you have already seen, there are countless advantages offered by our interior renovations solution, and in the following section, we are going to detail what we can specifically do for each room in your home. This will give you not just a sense of what we are capable of, but will also get those creative juices flowing. So without further delay, please go have a look at what we have to say and once you are satisfied we can handle the challenge, just pick up the phone and give us a call.


Living Areas

Now before we continue, we would like to stress that these are just some guidelines we have found are best to follow when working in certain areas, the final choice at the end of the day will be yours. Depending on the look and feel you are trying to achieve, we have a wide range of high-quality fixtures, finishes, paints, and designs that will suit any living or entertainment area. Just give us a shout, have a chat with our creative department, and one of our highly trained experts will gladly design a solution that is uniquely yours.


Choosing a desired look or style for your bathroom is a bit trickier than most people tend to think. One needs to remember that it's not just about looking good and suiting your décor; it is also about making sure that the type of style and design we have selected can withstand all the excess moisture and abuse that is going to be created in this newly renovated bathroom space, which we tend to forget happens until we go to clean it. Choosing the wrong type of finish depending on how you live will cost you time and money, and to make sure you do not fall into this trap, we would suggest you give us a call today and let the experts take care of all the rest.


Just like it would be with your bathroom, getting the style and vibe of your kitchen just right is just as crucial. Practicality matters just as much as aesthetic appeal. Especially when most people spend more time in their kitchen than anywhere else in their home. You also want your painting solution to help you create a welcoming space where you can cook up a storm for friends and family while having a good laugh. Once again, all our years of expert experience have given us the know-how you need to make sure you get what you want and so much more. To see for yourself if we are that good, you know what to do.

All The Rest

Now as you can see we have touched on some of the most important rooms in your home, but we are also sure you have noticed a few are missing. Nothing to worry about, we just didn't have enough space to detail them, but we most certainly have a solution that will take care of your bedrooms, passageways, basements, porches, additional rooms, media spaces, garages, and so much more. At Pro Touch Painting & Remodeling of Union City NJ, we have all the bases covered and so much more. You will be astonished when you finally see what we are capable of. So get in touch and let the show begin.

A full stair, wall, and floor renovation with a cantilevered landing that opened up the space for this loft residence in Hudson County NJ.

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