Exterior Painting

Do You Need Exterior Painting Services?

If you are in need of painting services outside your home, give us a call. We have the capability and the manpower to do any painting job your home will need. Simply give us a call, and we can be on our way to your location to give you a free consultation and break down of our services.

Shutters and Windows

Shutters and windows are the number one choice for many people looking to conscript our services. We offer to comprehensively scrub and paint your windows to make them look as good as new in no time at all.

Exterior Wall Painting

IF you are trying to get a house remodeling done and you are hoping to have the walls painted on the exterior of the building or home, we are the company to call today. We can do power scrubbing with washing and applying the coats of paint for you; we make the job look easy so you don't have to.

Sheds, Outbuildings, or Additional Structures

Next, we don’t exclusively work on the exterior of the main building, but rather we service all the buildings on the outside of the facility or the home and property. If you have any external extensions such as sheds, outbuildings, pole buildings, or any kind of additional structure, etc.; we are the people to call, and we can paint them in no time at all.

Decks or Docks

If you are the proud owner of a dock, deck, or patio, you will need the services of a professional painter at one point or another. During our time as painters, we have helped countless decks and docks with their painting and waterproofing. It is the surest way to ensure the long-term sustainability against weather and water damage.

  • Color and Consultation - The first step we need to undergo is determining the color of the new area. Most people don’t realize that when you are repainting something, it’s not particularly hard to choose the paint you want and not the paint you think will be the cheapest. We aim to find the colors you will enjoy and will bring out the wood and furniture better.
  • Complete Painting - Next, we offer complete painting services. From the scrubbing to the painting, we can ensure that your entire area will be painted up to par simply and easily.
  • Weatherproofing and Waterproofing - Finally, you will want to ensure the area is waterproof and weatherproof. This means that brush damage, water damage, any other superficial damage that can undergo the property will be properly prepared for, simply give us a call, and we can get to it in no time at all.

Roof Painting for Flat or Metal Roof

A simple and effective way to increase the cost of your house is to have your roof painted. This appeals to the overall quality of the house and improves the property value easily. But when you are looking for roof painting services, who do you call?

We have been in business for several years and in that time have helped countless businesses and residences with their roof painting needs, give us a call today if you want to learn more about our previous work!

  • Color Consultation - The first step in every painting job will be to have a color consultation. This is the result of inspecting and comparing styles and prices for your home. We will talk about establishing a color scheme as well as produce a few examples and ways that you can incorporate these colors into your home and lifestyle.
  • Roof Painting - Our roof painting process is tried and true; we will work tirelessly to ensure your rooftops are properly sealed and primed before painting. Once completed we will give them all a comprehensive painting and blend to ensure the long-term sustainability of your home.
  • Complete Package Conversion - If you decide you love the roof painting enough to want to expand into a total house painting, give us a call. We can work out a conversion discount and work out the color schemes to ensure a beautiful and vibrant house color that will attract and engage passersby and potential buyers.


This is something that runs through the entire core of our business. We endeavor to make sure that everything we do for you is filled with real value for money and our exterior painting services are no different. We guarantee that when you refinish and paint the exterior of your home or business, it will save you loads of money in expensive replacements and repairs by being proactive with the homeowner maintenance and upkeep. What more value could you want from a solution than this? To find out more, give us a call today and our experts will show you what value looks like.

Bergan County Single family home in Cliffside Park with a full exterior home painting and renovation job completed!

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