Interior Renovations

Everyone wants to turn their house into a home. Now there are many aspects one needs to get right, and one of the most important aspects is the paint job. No, we are sure that you have a vision for how it all needs to look in the end, and we would love nothing more than to help you turn those dreams into a reality. So please take a few moments and have a look through our website. Once you find what you have been searching for, all you have to do is give us a call and our experts will gladly do the rest.


Living Areas

Painting your home, be it the interior or exterior is by far the quickest and most inexpensive way to not just change the aesthetic appeal, but also add real value to your property. It will tell potential buyers that you are someone who has looked after their space, and thus this trend should carry on throughout the entire property. Our research has shown that newly painted homes tend to sell faster, and fetch a higher price than those which are not. For more information, just give us a shout today and we will show you how the dollars begin to add up.

Positive Mood

With all the time one spends at home, it may quickly all become a bit mundane, and just like the old saying goes, “a change is as good as a holiday”. So if you have been feeling like your home has lost some of its overall appeal and luster, then you may want to consider our professional house painting solution as the ideal remedy for your problems. Be it the interior or exterior, here at Pro Touch Painting & Remodeling of Union City NJ, we have all the answers you need and so much more. Put us to the test by giving us a call right away.

Protect And Prevent

Interior painting and the exterior painting of your home is about so much more than just making things look good. There is so much more to it, and luckily for you, we understand this and have made it our goal to make sure that every one of our clients is aware of the added advantages this solution has to offer. It protects your walls from increased moisture, scuffmarks, and so much more. All you have to do to take advantage of all this is give us a call and we will show you what you have been missing.


Nobody wants to come home to a space that does not delight and relax them at the same time. You want some beautiful and pleasing eyes. Be it the interior or exterior, we are here to make sure that you get the look you have always dreamed of. We can nail many different styles and designs, and our creative department will blow you away when it comes to your specific wants and needs. So before you make any final decisions, give us a call and allow us to show you what we are capable of.

A custom trim and painted ceiling in Bergan County NJ that displays the culture and depth of the home!

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