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We Provide Professional Commercial Renovation, Remodeling, and Painting Services to all levels of business's at Pro Touch Painting & Remodeling. We have worked for decades at becoming some of the most in-demand General Contractors and Painters on the market and will continue to do so well in the future.

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Types of Commercial Business


More Clients Equal Higher Profits

More customers will be drawn to your establishment or business the better it looks, which will directly increase your profits. Your conversion rate will be higher if your business appears welcoming thanks to the exterior and interior design choices you've made. No matter how you mix it, it's a winning formula, and if you've been looking for a way to grow your company without breaking the bank, we're happy to say you might have found it. Call now to learn more.

Fun Working Environment

It doesn't matter what services or goods you offer, any business owner worth their salt will tell you. It makes no difference how skilled you are or how knowledgeable your staff may be. You might as well close your doors today and call it a day if you can't make an environment at work that promotes higher staff morale. This is yet another benefit that our commercial painting and renovation services can provide. It will contribute to fostering a positive work environment that will significantly raise employee satisfaction and productivity.

Your Brand

Regardless of the industry you work in or the products or services you provide to the public, you want to ensure that they associate your brand with the high caliber of service you are offering. Now, we are confident that you are fully aware of how crucial your brand is to you and that a significant portion of it is determined by the color scheme and design you select. Again, this color scheme and style will be used by customers to recognize your business, which is why it is crucial to ensure that it is created by experts with extensive training like us.

Different Services

Color Consultation

One of the most recommended services we have for condos and timeshares is color consultations. It’s vital to know that keeping a good color palette or color theme is crucial for having a jaw dropping and visually appealing location.


Texturing can be the deciding factor between a place truly standing out, and one that falls flat.


Finally, wallpapers are an incredibly effective way to showcase the look and feel of a place in a way that is cost-effective and can still be classy.

Interior Commercial Painting

Interior Painting is a commonly requested service. Ensuring the building is up to code, and the brands that are renting spaces are properly represented.

Exterior Painting

The outside should be as clean and well-painted as the inside. If you are noticing that the paint is starting to chip or that the textures are beginning to come off, call us. We can touch up anything from the parking lot to the rooftop.

Murals and Art Installations

Finally, if you want to make your building or plaza stand out truly, try contacting us about a mural or an art installation. We can create anything that will stand out and drag attention to your building and bring in more customers!

Parking Garage Painting

The most important thing about painting for a parking garage is making sure the line work is there and cleanly placed. We have the best line work in town and will ensure that your parking garages are clear and easy to navigate.

Parking Lot Painting

We have extensive work with parking lots in your area. Our line work is clean cut and easy to navigate, making it much easier for your tenants to be able to park safely at any time of day.

Warehouse Walkway

The most important part of having well-managed warehouses are effective walkways and clear coloring to show just where everything goes. By having color-coordinated walkways and walls, you can have your workers understand where to go in no time at all.

Distribution Aesthetics

Next, you can always work on having distribution aesthetics. This is the concept that everything should be uniform and correctly designed.  Toyota, for example, makes things sparse so that everything stands out when it needs to. Call us today about our painting and texturing packages that can help separate areas and delineate aisles from each other.

Worker Designs

Finally, interior design nowadays is all about showing where things go and keeping your workers enthused. Increasing the color schemes and lighting of a warehouse can improve the worker's health much more than anticipated and can save you money in the long run.

Exterior Powerwashing

Every building should have a regular power washing every year or so to ensure that the exterior still looks up to snuff.  Whether it be a traditional power wash or a soft power wash, it will knock off loose dirt as there could be layers of dust and debris settling that you’ll never know about.

Interior Powerwashing

Additionally, one of the simplest ways to prepare a new building or an old room for revitalization is to give it a power wash or hot water power wash. This will take off the old paint and any debris that might be lingering on the side of the wall, and then we can touch it up and make something better out of it.

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